Whether you work in a small family run shop, or a large, global corporation, there are common types of “characters” you encounter, no matter what the size of the business. You know the types… you’ve probably met them all, and perhaps you’re even one of them yourself!

Take the “Smart Looker”- one of the sharply dressed beautiful people. Their looks, and who they may be “special friends” with, are what got them hired and get them ahead. But there’s not much going on “upstairs”.
Then there’s the “Diplomat”- ever the politician, they play both sides to avoid confrontation.  No wonder nothing gets done!  And yet they still get promoted…
And the “Dominator”- the control freak who overvalues their opinion, which they are quick to make known to anyone and everyone. They’re always offering advice, even when it’s not wanted.
There’s “Playfuls”- always cheerful and ever eager to plan fun “happenings” for their coworkers, to the point of annoyance. Perhaps cutting back on the java would calm them down?!
And aren’t we a bit jealous of the “ExecuMom”-  she’s the one who does it all and somehow manages to get things done on/ahead of schedule, yet still look like she just left the spa!’ How does she do it? And is she a ticking time bomb waiting to explode?!
Can’t forget the “Old Timer”- who’s been employed since… well, ages ago.  They’re stuck on some out of date ideas, but you have to admit, when there’ a problem, they always know how to handle it. 
Everyone dreads the “Naysayer”- These are the people who, when you ask them to do something, spend so much time complaining about how they don’t have time to do it, that they could have done it already! 
Finally, there’s the “Bootlicker”- the ultimate “Yes Man”. They’re so far up the Boss’ butt, they can’t see daylight! 

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